North Edge Altay3 Waterproof Sports Watch Backlight Alarm Thermometer Altimeter Wristwatch Smart Watch

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Brand North Edge
Model Altay 3
Color Black
Diameter 50mm/1.97"
Thickness 14mm/0.55"
Watchcase Stainless Steel
Bezel Stainless Steel
Button Stainless Steel
Band Rubber
Operating Temperature -20°C -- +60°C / -4°F --+140°F
Storage Temperature -30°C -- +60°C / -22°F -- +140°F
Water-resistant 30m/ 100ft
User-replaceable Battery CR2032
Battery life-time ~ 1 year in normal use
Display Range -500m — 9000m / -1640ft — 32760ft
Resolution 1m/3ft Barometer
Display Range 300 — 110OhPa / 8.8 — 32.6inHg
Resolution 1hPa/0.03inHg
Display Range -20°C-60°C/-4°F - 140°F
Resolution 1°C/1°F
Time functions: hour, minute, second, year(2000-2099), month, date, weekday, 12H/24H
Alarm clock
Countdown timer( 0:59:59-0)
Stopwatch(0~ 99:59:59)
Sunrise and sunset times (43 cities).
Compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, air pressure trend
Air pressure trend chart (latest 48hours)
7days altitude, barometric record
Climbing altitude and sport time record
Rising time, falling time, altitude, climb rate record
Declination tracking
Low battery remind
EL backlight
Package Included:
1 x Sports Watch
1 x User Manual